Friday, March 16, 2007

Unreleased / Persephone Interview With Tiffy

Tiffany Kimmel for Sali Oguri Unreleased Mix a.k.a. Persephone Perfume, 2007 - An interview with designer Tiffany a.k.a. Tiffy.

1. What's your name and how do you like to be called?

Tiffany . . . people who know me better end up calling me Tiff/Tiffy

2. What is your title / current profession?

Architectural drafter/designer

3. How would you summarize your artistic vision or style?

That's really hard to do. I try to use integrity, intuition and restraint in my designs. I like to create work that portrays a complete concept and is direct in its message. I believe that less is more. I am also a proponent of green design and materials.

4. Could you explain your creative vision for the Unreleased Mix aka Persephone project?

I tried to capture a dark and timeless feminine essence and use colors that hint at the flavors of Persephone.

5. Is there any other project you're working on now you'd like to talk about?

At work, I'm on a team designing a new building of studio apartments for out-of-foster-care residents. As for personal projects, I've been doing a lot of home improvements. I just finished building wooden bookshelves that easily dismantle (no nails) and can be transported. I'm also knitting legwarmers.

6. How do you like living in NY (What made you decide to come to NY)?

I love it here. NY life is always challenging and adventurous. I came mainly to get work experience and sort of prove myself, but also to be closer to my extended family.

7. I just can't resist asking this: Which are your favorite fragrances to wear and why?

Currently, I wear stella and a white tea body lotion. But there are a lot of others that I love (Spring Flower, J'adore, Nica, Pink Manhattan!)

8. What is your longterm goal?

I just want to put my energy to good use and help the people who need/deserve it. I'm kind of seeing where the world takes me.

9. Favorite word or quote?