Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Christian Dior Dolce Vita

Since I'm on a sweet/woods kick lately, here's one I used to wear a lot more often--or, I should say, I had a torrid love affair with (finished a 1 fl oz. EDT so fast, I practically drank the stuff), upgraded to parfum and then the passion gradually faded and we left it at that; nevertheless, I think it's a worthy perfume to talk about. It's actually a chypre but a modernized one, and so many traditional chypre lovers will say this is not chypre enough but I think any more chypre and it would go into Rochas Femme territory. For me, it's perfumey enough but still yummy with vanilla peeking through the massive amounts of strong woods (cedar and sandalwood) that anchor this potent blend. Peach is listed but for me, it's a tart-sour type of peach, maybe more like peach skin than an actual ripe peach, but it's bearable--combined with cinnamon and bitter citrus over all the sweet, dry, heavy woods, I think it creates the right balance.

Overall, I'd say Dolce Vita (1998) is a modernized neoclassical-traditional composition: voluptuous, powdery, abstract-flowery, heady and fussy, old-fashioned in a way but simultaneously a clean (for such a pungent woody) woods scent. I smell a similarity to Shiseido Feminite du Bois and Miller Harris Terre de Bois. I wouldn't have minded there being less rose and peach skin notes, and more cinnamon and vanilla (and less woods to offset the vanilla), but it serves its purpose for when I'm in the mood for those grown-up dessert notes. The chypre element is most detectable in parfum form but I think the EDT is wonderful just as well. Overall, this is a rich, big, powdery floral (getting shades of Tresor here) with pronounced low-pitched notes and it can be overbearing, but it's definitely bombshell and it has an easy-going, good-natured, sunny optimism about it as well.

I'm currently on a search for the perfect cinnamon-vanilla scent, and I don't want one that's too musky, too hypersweet or too perfumey. Any recs would be appreciated!

(Image: Osmoz.com)