Monday, April 23, 2007

Creed Spring Fling

Spring Fling, as far as I know, was a limited edition fragrance--or more accurately, blend--from the venerable London-born fragrance house of Creed. When I visited the Creed counter the last time, my wonderful SA taught me how to put Spring Flower and Fleurissimo together to make this divine mixture. I have to say, this blend always gets raves. I don't know if Spring Fling is still available to buy as a single fragrance but I'm pretty sure you can get it if you look around, because Creed has on file all of their special custom blends. My mix is simple: 50/50 of each. I don't know if their limited edition Spring Fling which came in one of their colorful yet elegant leather atomizer bottles was exactly a 50/50 mixture but I also have to say, if Spring Flower is involved in a mix, it's bound to be pretty good.

I love that Creed fragrances, like Jo Malone colognes, are meant to be mixed and layered to suit individual taste. I'd also read that Annick Goutal made Eau d'Hadrien to put on in the morning, then she would overlap her other fragrances over it later in the day. I think this kind of convertible fragrance idea is brilliant and brings out the creative perfumers in all of us. Maybe this is no longer the huge trend it was, but I still enjoy being my own Creed mad scientist. Some of my other favorite recipes include:

Spring Flower + Creed Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie (about a 70%-30% ratio)
Jasmal + Creed Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie (also about 70%-30%)
Jasmal + Neroli Sauvage + Fleurs de Bulgarie (49.5% + 49.5% + 1%)
Spring Flower + Angelique Encens (60%-40%)
Spring Flower + Silver Mountain Water (50%-50%)

Or, I just layer different ones on my skin as I feel like it. I love to improvise.

If you have Creed blends/layering ideas to share, please post them here!

(Image: Spring Flower, 2.5 fl. oz. bottles and leather atomizer, from my own collection)