Monday, April 16, 2007

More Sound and Scent Musings

Luca Turin has sent me this very helpful link:"Rational Odorants Design"

and in it he wrote:
..."vibrational theory is a theory of odor character only."

Well, that answers that. Thank you, Luca!

This is all very interesting stuff. Scent design could be compared to sound design. I'm not a sound designer, by the way, but I can see the parallels. Musicians are always looking for that next new sound, the one that sounds more natural, the one that sounds like nothing before, the one that will make the hit recording. The right sound, the right scent, can inspire creativity.

I wonder if what Luca Turin says about all scents being within a certain frequency range is like how all sounds are within the same velocity (speed in the air). By the way, this article here called Sound Waves by Ron Kurtus defines pitch in this way: "The pitch or note of a sound that we experience is determined by its wavelength or its frequency. The shorter the wavelength, the higher the frequency becomes, and the higher the pitch that we hear."

Volatility is inversely related to molecular weight in scent.
Frequency is inversely related to the concept of wavelength in sound.

So wait a minute...doesn't this all sound like I was on the right path about the concept of more vibrations (modes, frequencies, whatever we call the number of oscillations or beats per second) determining their pitches? Aren't high notes faster and low notes slower in both realms, then?