Thursday, April 12, 2007

Perfume Decant Sellers Kicked Off Ebay

So basically, fragrance decants are considered fake designer goods and therefore many small (predominantly female-owned) businesses are being threatened to close as of tomorrow. Will the moms selling homemade deconstructed brand name overalls and the doll artists using dolls they bought to create and sell their own versions be kicked off next?

Read more about the ban on Now Smell This blog.

I don't blame Ebay but I'm feeling disillusioned about the fragrance industry right now. It's like the time a friend of mine was forced to change his company's name by lawyers representing a leading brand name company because his company (in an unrelated field) had similar lettering. He fought back but when the funds ran out, it was his loss. Maybe perfume companies, even some small niche ones, have lots of power since they apparently control ebay.

There is a similar concern regarding the fragrance decant sale ban on Basenotes

All I can say is, when a perfume you bought with your hard-earned cash isn't really yours, perfumes are unwise investments.