Friday, April 13, 2007


Perfumistas perfume to please ourselves. I'm having a delightful cup of coffee and laughing inside because I'm back to buying samples and miniature (mini) perfumes just like I used to before decants and hand-decanted samples became widely available. Even under this new pressure, my buying habits haven't changed and I'm still biding my time before I purchase a full bottle. Maybe I'll have less cash to spend on full bottles now that I'm spending more on sampling my desires of the moment. It's OK--I don't mind biding my time.

If you're one of the sellers who's been displaced, I hope you get back on your feet again soon. As for selling illegal goods, yes, I suppose we perfumistas lived like bandits for awhile--sellers and buyers alike--and I should feel some shame but for some reason, I think if it was that bad, it would have been punished the moment it started, so considering how long decanting has been part of our strange and misunderstood lifestyle, I'd say they really did bide their time with good reason. Anyway, if you don't know yet, is one terrific resource for miniatures, and carded (original packaging) samples are still available on the bay.

I think what gets to me is also the fact that being bandits allowed many more people to sample and enjoy fragrances they otherwise would not have had any access to, and that's a nice thing, to spread some wealth around, if only for the joy of sharing our love of perfume, and that to me is what perfumista is--not what we can afford or cannot afford. The same could be said of music although being a musician, of course I'm against piracy; however, if someone buys a CD and decided to throw a party for $5 a person and let everyone enjoy the music, I think it's OK. Well, perfuming is my party and I hate to have it rained on. But a rule is a rule, yes? Turn off the music--everybody go home.

It's also the elitism of it all, not that I didn't know what it was about before I got so deeply involved. But seriously--being able to buy $200 fragrances has never been the criteria for perfumistadom. Perfumes are only great if there are people out there who love them and truly appreciate them. I hope the fragrance industry will see that aspect of who we are someday, once they finish weeding out the haves and the have nots to keep their exclusivity and the bottom line in check. For whatever it's worth, it's been fun, and yes, we will continue to find our joy wherever and however often we can without being made to hurry up and settle down to some signature scent (or scent archetype if you will) and stay loyal (keep buying) like the industry said is how it should be.

Music: Billie Holiday "God Bless the Child"