Saturday, April 07, 2007

Solange Stoned

Stoned is the name of a perfume by Solange Azagury-Partridge, a jewelry designer based in London. The scent is said to "create an addictive, animal attraction" with its notes of bergamot, labdanum, vanilla and musk. When I hear the word Stoned, I think of two things: one, intoxication by a type of herb and two, something Jesus of Nazareth is quoted for saying in the Gospels of the New Testament: "Let those without sin cast the first stone". The bottle happens to look prettier in person than in the picture, being small in size (about the size of a baseball, or for those of you who know perfume, Annick Goutal Songes EDP) and made of impressively heavy glass with a carved stopper in the shape of a meditating female (or male--hard to tell) figure, but it's still this garnet-colored objet d'art that has red blotchy sores...I mean, stones, all over its body.

Yes, sometimes the name Stoned scares me, as if wearing this scent is supposed to attract all kinds of things, both wanted and unwanted, real and imagined. It brings to mind the current Law of Attraction trend. It makes me wonder why they lured us in with "diamond dust" in the notes, as if it was some magical made-up fantasy note, then shocked us with literal specks of shaved rock inside the juice which could be mistaken for dirt. Is wearing shaved diamonds supposed to bring us some kind of luck? Is this an invitation to get drunk on materialism and deal with the consequence of our sin by getting Stoned? I'll say this: the perfume itself is not unlike the scent of some baby products, being very White Musk-y and powdery--a type of scent I usually find generic and cloying, not to mention annoyingly juvenile because of said association--but this scent has some more traditional Oriental elements that can remind me of Guerlain Shalimar, and that's saying a lot considering what a classic that is. Is it worth all the hype? I'll let you know as I wear it this season and get to know it--and its secrets--better.

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