Saturday, May 26, 2007

Avon Sweet Honesty

I'd been curious about this one forever because it's so often mentioned as being part of the 1970s olfactory landscape. A sweet perfpal of mine sent me a whole bottle of it as a gift, and tonight I'm finally experiencing its famous powdery-musky floral softness. It's slightly "soapy" and reminds me of Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige or perhaps J. Lo Glow or China Rain. I can see how other musky florals such as Amazing Grace might have borrowed from its idea. Although in the past, I had been anti-baby powdery scents for grown women, I can see how a scent like this becomes popular; it's unobtrusive, it lasts well and the level of sweetness in it masks the inexpensive quality of the somewhat aftershave-y base very well. Above all, it's very pleasant for such a musky scent. It leaves pretty sillage. It's powdery with a touch of baby oil scent, almost like a sweeter, more feminine version of Canoe. I think this is one of the best made inexpensive perfumes out there--I'm impressed, Avon. You're worth more than you're often given credit for--you're a perfume house that's produced a lovely, memorable fragrance. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Avon Sweet Honesty (1973): A floral heart blooming with honey, citrus and vanilla

Sweet Honesty is classified as a Woody Floral according to