Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rich Hippie Devotion

What's in a name? Is it the reason I'm so devoted to this unexpected love of mine? As I finished up the last precious drop of my sample, I realized that it has a subtle honeylike sweetness that other lemon scents I've tried didn't have. Other lemons smell sharp and bitter in comparison and won't replace this passion for me. Rich Hippie describes this blend as being a "Young, sexy, romantic floral with light and airy notes of French Lemon, Moroccan Verveine and Italian Clementine". As I said before, it's very short-lived on my skin and I can't imagine it would be long-lasting on anybody being such a light scent, but for me, there's something about it that feels almost therapeutic. From what I've read, many different types of lemon and vervain (verbena, verveine) oils have been used in different cultures to treat ailments such as depression and anxiety. Does it resonate with me because I'm feeling under pressure, or is it the comforting scent of lemon and honey that takes me someplace golden in my mind where I'd like to be?

(Pictured: Rich Hippie Devotion organic perfume, 1/2 fl. oz.,