Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rich Hippie Wild Thing

When I first smelled Wild Thing, I immediately thought "Jean Patou Joy". It's not that they smell so similar that I'll ever mistake one for the other; it's that both compositions are predominantly jasmine and rose, two natural notes that make up the heart of perfumery and smell so good together, like fragrant soul mates. I could say Wild Thing is the less fancy version, the one with less notes and more earthiness. It's one of my favorites in the Rich Hippie line, although I like Devotion and Spring enough that I won't be adding it to my collection (and besides, I already have Joy). It's worth sniffing if you want to know what real jasmine and rose essential oils together should smell like (and if you'd like to compare it to Joy as I have). On my skin, the rose seems to dominate, and it turns just a little bit naughty-musky on me. There must be a reason why rose is so coveted: the dry down stage is quite suggestive and sexual, living up to its name.

(Image: Rich Hippie Wild Thing organic perfume, 1/2 fl. oz.,