Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 2007 Sali Oguri and TARSHA's Dirty Persephone Sale!

Rock Singer Sheldon Tarsha and New York's multi-talent artist Sali Oguri have teamed up to promote TARSHA's upcoming show on June 25, 2007 at Key Club in Los Angeles. During the month of June 2007, buy TARSHA "Prophecies" CD ( and receive a free Sali Oguri Unreleased Mix a.k.a. Persephone perfume sample ($6, Also, email with the code DIRTYPERSEPHONE and receive a free limited edition TARSHA "Dirty" Single CD with any Sali Oguri Persephone perfume purchase over $50. Unreleased Mix a.k.a. Persephone Perfume is a Forbidden skin scent: a sinful blend of dark chocolate, blackberry, pomegranate, Mysore sandalwood and royal purple flowers. Sheldon Tarsha says "I love the new fragrance...very alluring and passionate". Support independent music! Offer good only in the USA, eligible only for TARSHA "Prophecies" CD purchases until June 30, 2007. Visit for updates.