Monday, June 11, 2007

More Rich Hippie: Rock Star, Maharishi

Rich Hippie describes Rock Star as: (a) Racy, dangerous, sensual tropical floral with extracts of rare Indonesian flowers, Madagascan Vanilla Bean and Cove Bud. I've been testing this from time to time whenever I get in the mood for something a little spicy and floral. I don't get any vanilla in this; if you want gourmand, it's best to look elsewhere. I do get spice but not Opium, Obsession or Old Spice spiciness. Honestly, even though the note isn't mentioned, what I mostly get is lemongrass, from the very beginning when I first apply it. It's a pleasant aroma that reminds me of Thai food, maybe with a touch of coconut somewhere (or I'm just tuning into the tropical aspect of this scent). Many other Rich Hippie fragrances have that citrusy, sharp lemongrass note, which is why they smell similar to me.

Rock Star shares marked similarity with Maharishi, described as a complex floral with notes of Davana, Vetivert and spiritual flowers of India, except Maharishi starts out as more of a straight lemon (lemongrass is what I get, and again, this note is not listed)) that ends on a flowery note, whereas Rock Star has deeper, earthier tones. The floralcy I get in Rock Star is reminiscent to me of L'Artisan Parfumeur Orchidee Blanche or Caron Farnesiana EDT; all three of these fragrances end on a heady floral note, not a white floral in my mind but perhaps golden yellow or purple, intense and sweet. White tropical flowers such as tuberose are to me strong yet soft, honeylike, creamy and fleshy--to my nose, these flowers I smell in Rock Star seem to be of a sharper, more "flowery" variety. Rock Star ends on a musky, earthy-floral, vaguely rosy accord. Maharishi is like its lighter version.

After extensive testing, I personally love neither Rock Star nor Maharishi enough to buy, but if you're looking for an organic fragrance that captures an Eastern tropical vibe, they might be worth checking out. I'm waiting for their 25% off sale (or another 50% off sale (edited: it was a buy one get one free sale that they did some time ago)) to test any more of these babies. More reviews of the ones I'm sampling are coming up, so stay tuned.