Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Rich Hippie Spring

Rich Hippie Spring is a jasmine floral with some earthy-green softness. The notes on Rich Hippie's website are wild French Honey Bee Extract and organic Indian Jasmine. It's sweet, pure and absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure I'd wear this on a hot summer day in the country for fear of being followed by bees. For comparison, I'm reminded of Jean Patou Joy, D'Orsay Tilleul and Rochas Byzantine, although each of these is very different. A comparable sweetness might be that of Creed Spring Flower, a fresh, fruity jasmine-rose floral and a long-standing favorite of mine. That being said, falling in love with this scent wasn't without some drama along the way...

I first tested Spring back when Rich Hippie had paper labels that wrapped around each vial, before they had these new black labels that look like permanent inscriptions in the glass but actually are paint on the surface, causing it to come off when it comes in contact with the essential oils in the perfume. Sorry for the rant there, but I would like these vials to look like they did when I acquired them. Anyway, Spring smells the same now as it did then, but perception's a funny thing--it used to smell so pungently earthy, so softly green, it reminded me of the Central Park horse trail on a particularly balmy day in July. Maybe it was the type of jasmine in it that offended me in that indolic, slightly fecal way. Then again, maybe the honey note reminded me of the smell of urine (it is New York after all) which it is said to resemble, at least structurally. Maybe the damp, earthy base had a certain texture which added to this vivid picture of nature's splendor. I wrote a scathing review for it then, and never thought I would test it again, let alone proclaim to love it.

Jump ahead a couple of years: the horsey trail accord no longer bothers me; in fact, Spring smells different to me now, even though I know it's still the same stuff. All I smell is sweet flowers and the warm grass under the honeyed rays of sunshine. I don't know what it is about perception that can change so drastically, but I'm not complaining because it really is the closest thing to the smell of a happy spring day.

(Image: Claremont Riding Academy, NYC equitrekking.com)