Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sisley Eau de Campagne

Eau de Campagne was created in 1974 by Sisley, a Benetton division known for eccentric images in their ad campaigns (Etat Libre d'Orange is far more tasteful in comparison). Although I don't care to have their images on my blog, their Parfums division uses nicer images, and the fragrances are worth mentioning because they're very well made. For the most part, Parfums Sisley seems to specialize in Chypre (mossy woods); I think their fragrances smell serious and refined. Eau de Campagne is one of those fragrances, an extraordinarily fresh, green scent. It was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, a perfumer known to prefer salty and bitter over sweet (check out the memorable interview on Victoria's Bois de Jasmin blog), whose preference is evident in other creations such as Frédéric Malle L'eau d'Hiver or Hermès Un jardin sur le Nil (I think he also likes spicy, as I've smelled in The Different Company Bois d'Iris).

At first sniff, Eau de Campagne is a bed of freshly mown grass with effervescent citrus notes to stir the senses awake. It's the kind of scent I would imagine a man or woman wearing to work, a game of golf or an elegant Sunday brunch. I was reminded of Guerlain Vetiver at first, but Eau de Campagne is more aqueous (slightly sporty) and boldly wooded on dry down whereas Vetiver seems earthier, softer, maybe weedier to some, though I personally find it easier to wear (and it's a great fragrance, a classic). It also reminds me of Bulgari Green Tea (and I have seen them both Green Tea and Eau de Campagne listed as Chypre). If you find well-known offerings such as Polo, Brut, Grey Flannel or Aramis a bit "much" now, Eau de Campagne might be a fabulous new alternative. Eau de Campagne comes in eau de toilette and a handsome bath and body line.

Sisley Eau de Campagne (1974): a unique fragrance blending notes of tomato leaves, green grass and delicate notes.

Happy Father's Day!