Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Fragrance of the Moment: Would it be too much of me to say I'm quite taken with my own Persephone perfume? Well, I am, because I was in the mood for a dazzling Fruity Oriental with a chocolate-blackberry-amber-sandalwood thing happening, and this is the only one like that. Frapin 1270 and Sacrebleu are gorgeous, Lolita Lempicka and Hot Couture are mischievous and sexy, but even they don't fit the bill Persephone fills for me. When I picked out the notes for it, as a play on its so-called sinful character, I had in mind Fred Kimmel's favorite dessert called Gâteaux Charlène (but only the kind he used to get at the original downtown Balducci's), an irresistibly dark chocolate torte with French buttercream and berries. That was my olfactive inspiration for it, although my perfume doesn't exactly smell like that (I wouldn't call this a cakey type of gourmand), but as it turns out, he really likes this perfume a lot, which is good since I wear it around him often!

I'm usually a milk chocolate person (and really prefer vanilla to chocolate) but it seems I'm having a love affair with dark chocolate right now. I recently discovered a cookie that I really like, too, called Geneva by Pepperidge Farms. I'm trying to sustain this bag of cookies in the cupboard for as long as possible, but it's a temptation I shouldn't be around. I can forgo Milano cookies and eclairs, brownies and even German chocolate cake, but those Genevas are pure evil, and I feel no shame at all in blaming it for my own weakness.

Just wanted to report that "Private Dreams" is back and currently #3 on Broadjam's Electronic - Dance Top 10 chart. Fred Kimmel's "Into You" is still rockin' the Prog Rock chart. Also, don't forget the limited time promo offer for a free Persephone sample that's going on until June 30th: Sali Oguri and ex-Adler's Appetite (Guns 'N Roses drummer extraordinaire Steven Adler) singer Sheldon Tarsha have teamed up for the world's first Rock-'n-Sniff PR event. Buy a Tarsha "Prophecies CD and get a Persephone sample for free! If you buy a CD at the show, that purchase gets you a free Persephone sample, too! Visit to hear the hot tracks all performed, written, mixed and produced by independent recording artist Sheldon Tarsha. The "Dirty" (yet sensationally scented with Persephone perfume) rock singer will be performing live on Monday, June 25th at the legendary Key Club, Hollywood's premier nightspot and state-of-the-art live music venue in Los Angeles, CA. I hope the band will perform "Dirty", "Cynical Christ, "Generation H (2012) (that's Generation H for harmony)" and my personal favorite ballad and songwriting award-winner, "You Are Everything". "Ten Stars Away" is a good ballad, too, and it sounds very much like a classic GnR-Bon Jovi song to me. Advance tickets are available at Ticketmaster.

It's a beautiful day for WUJ Productions--hope you're having a great day. Happy Summer!