Sunday, July 22, 2007

Comme des Garçons Series 3: Incense - Avignon

I thought I'd never find another incense to steal my heart but along comes Avignon. Redolent of Gothic atmosphere, it's similar to my other love, L'Artisan Parfumeur L'Humeur A Rien, but drier, more linear, a modern take on Old World incense. I get mostly frankincense and myrrh, and perhaps a touch of rose (?) mingling with patchouli to make one supremely pungent, smoky, earthy scent. Frankincense is a smell I associate with visiting Catholic churches, a scent I used to think was too strong to really enjoy, but it's different when I smell it in minute amounts as opposed to smelling it in massive amounts the way some churches I've visited fumigated the room with it. Avignon is still a very heavy scent and not how I want to smell all the time, but if incense is what I crave, I can't think of anything more gratifying for my perfume-loving soul. As it turns out, on days when I don't feel like wearing it on my skin, it makes one sublime room scent.

Comme des Garçons Avignon (2002)
Notes on Lucky Scent: Roman chamomile, cistus oil, elemi, incense, vanilla, patchouli, palisander, ambrette seeds