Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lavanila Vanilla Grapefruit

Lavanila makes simple scents of which there are 3; Vanilla Grapefruit is one of them, and aside from the large spray bottles, it comes in a small roll-on which is slim and rectangular, adorned with a hot pink fleur-de-lys and so very cute and convenient. My guess is that they're selling well out of Sephora and I've got one in my bag now, too. Vanilla Grapefruit isn't something I want to wear all the time because even though it's simple, it has that post-Angel mainstream "Pink Sugar'" vibe, but it's a fun change from the more serious perfumes I tend to wear. It has a sort of heavy, densely powdery vanilla base (reminds me of D&G Sicily) that feels sort of voluptuous like an '80s Floral Oriental but the top notes are a bit sharp and grapefruity (imagine a more vanillic Baby Doll or CK IN2U or a softer Brit Red). Apparently I'm not smelling any grapefruit in here as it's not listed but there's some kakadu plum fruit extract which I'm guessing lends the punchy sweetness. I'm eager to try more of these all-natural scents, and I will try their other two, Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Blossom next. Not all natural companies can make scents that smell this good but this is sweet enough to remind me of Molinard Vanille or Mure.