Monday, July 02, 2007

Woodstock, Bohemian Wedding, Rich Hippie, Bliss

Woodstock is one of the Rich Hippie fragrances that reminds me of a few others in the line, namely the ones with citrus top notes and floral hearts on earthy bases. I think Woodstock smells like Bohemian Wedding, and they share similarities with Bliss and Rich Hippie. At first sniff, I would probably mistake them all as being the same, except each scent blooms with its own character when worn. I probably won't run out and buy any one of these, but that's only because I'm not huge on citrusy rose-based florals. Out of the four, Rich Hippie is the most rose-dominated and the heaviest, followed by Bliss, a sprightly combination of Tunisian citrus (which smells to me like yuzu) with rose that dries down musky. Woodstock and Bohemian Wedding are lighter, powdery candied citrus florals with less rose. Bohemian Wedding is earthier than Woodstock, and in that respect I think Bohemian Wedding resembles Rich Hippie very much. Woodstock is closer in feeling to the candied yuzu Floral that is Bliss to me, just not as sweet.

Rich Hippie Woodstock: Deep, earthy, romantic, spiritual and meditative featuring Frankincense Resin from Oman, Ethiopian Myrrh, Indian Sandalwood and light extracts of Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Rose Petal and Rose Geranium.