Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cacharel Amor Amor & Gloria: A Comparative Review

I'd had a whirlwind relationship with Amor Amor when I first discovered it. Sweet, fresh, upbeat and warm, it was like I couldn't wear enough of it. Then, in a matter of days, the passion ended. What was it about the sexy and mysterious blend that got to me? I blame the white musk which dries down on me like a sweaty BO note mixed with ozonic laundry detergent smell. Something about this type of musk reminds me of the headiness of lilies, only the floralcy is missing. I still love everything else about it: the spicy breadlike aroma mixed with a touch of orange, vanilla and white florals, maybe a little rose but not enough to annoy me. I'm sensitive to rose these days--almost as much as I'm sensitive to white musk and ozone.

I long to find a substitute for Amor Amor. I've tried popular suggestions such as Deep Red which was OK until it turned too ozonic on me; Chopard Madness I thought was also OK but it didn't leave much impact, and Ghost was a total no-go because I found it too medicinal. Finally, I found some reviews that said Gloria in the same Cacharel line is similar, so I bought a mini on the net and here I am trying to figure out whether I love it or like it or what.

Gloria is definitely similar, but rosier, richer and more flowery or "perfumey" compared to Amor Amor to me. The first impression I got was that of a candylike floral, bringing to mind Juicy Couture and Chanel Chance. Then, it got very sweet and thick, a bit reminiscent of Brit Red, Lavanila Vanilla and Sicily, and I started detecting almond (Amaretto) and honey mingling with a soft, caramelly note. I smell cedar in it, and I could swear I smell patchouli but it's not listed. It's quite peppery sharp and gives me a jolt like Brit, Nu, Frapin 1270 or Pasteum Rose. I'm also getting a dryness, like tobacco. All in all, I'd say it resembles Amor Amor, except it's not as fresh and fruity. To me, Amor Amor is more Gourmand than Floral Oriental but fresh and citrusy with florals as supporting roles. Gloria seems to be more of a rose-focused, peppery-woody, densely sweet and powdery Floral Oriental. I think it's sweeter than Amor Amor overall; maybe the additional sweetness I perceive is due to its density.

The best part of Gloria is that it has none of the sporty-ozonic, and very little of the white musk character of Amor Amor. I might be making the switch soon; however, it's going to be a temporary love affair anyway because Gloria, like Amor Amor, is discontinued.