Sunday, August 19, 2007

Frapin 1270

What a love affair I've had with the woods this summer! I might be at the end of this phase now, but I couldn't move on without discovering Frapin 1270, a gorgeous woody Gourmand Oriental by the cognac company. The actual juice isn't as red as it appears in the pic I posted, but a golden (orange-tinged) blond shade. The notes listed on Lucky Scent's website are as follows: exotic woods, spice, raisin, vine flowers, pepper, candied orange, nut, hazelnut, prune, cocoa, coffee, leather, woods, white honey, vanilla. In my experience, cedar dominates, backed by white musk which, honestly, tends to turn me off, but in this scent, I find it bearable for a time. This is a sharp, peppery scent, and sometimes I think it gives me a headache it's so sharp, yet I can't stay away from the warm, boozy, sexy and sensuous mix that it is. This is nighttime stuff, so keep it away from the toddlers. It really is like cognac as perfume: rich, bodacious, sophisticated and flavorful.

The cocoa notes fade fairly quickly and the sweetness pulls back upon approaching dry down. The honey in it isn't too much--I don't think it ever gets sweet enough to cloy, but then again, I tend to prefer sweet scents. For example, Botrytis, which it's often compared to, is too sweet for me, but this isn't. I can also find it similar to my own Persephone blend, except my blend isn't as boldly wooded or spicy. At times, I think I'm smelling Messe de Minuit or Sushi Imperiale (!) but Frapin 1270 is a sweeter, more contemporary mixture. Frapin 1270 is the kind of scent I could relax into as the air gets cooler and I start thinking about hot apple cider or mulled wine and browsing at the Farmer's Market--it's autumn in New York right around the corner. Of course, there's nothing wrong with enjoying it right now.