Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sali Joins The Romance Commandos

Many thanks to The Romance Commandos for letting me join the most beautiful train wreck of a band! Come check out The Romance Commandos this Friday in Hoboken, NJ. Sali will sing backgrounds with a groovy lil' bippity-boppity voice section for the legendary singer-leader Tom Vincent, who will be performing such obscure numbers as Testify, Little Italy Rag, L.A. Freeway and more! Now, a word from our great leader himself:

Potential Commando audience:

Remember how I said last time that I’d send out a reminder about the Romance Commando show this Friday? I almost forgot.

Surprisingly, the lineup of players hasn’t changed one bit since the last notice. A good omen.

Also, as most of you are certainly aware, the Romance Commandos usually play on Thursday nights for reasons I’d rather not go into right now, but even restraining orders expire eventually and we’ve made our peace with Friday night again.

So come join the party that, in some ways, began at rehearsal last night.

Just between you and me, I’m terrified that everyone will be on vacation or en route to some lovely beach house I can’t afford to even look at out the car window, which is why I’ve arranged to have a couple of sun lamps set up and the floor covered with sand. It’ll be just like being on the beach on some planet in a multi-sun solar system. Hopefully the trompe l’oeil of Wakiki Beach will be finished for show time.

Here's the lineup:
Tom Vincent - ersatz leader
Annalee Van Kleeck - Vocals
Bianca bob Miller - Vocals
Sali Oguri - Vocals
James MacMillan - Bass
Paul Moschella - Drums
Rob Focht - Keyboards
Neal Pawley - Trombone
Andy Goessling - Reeds 'n' Things
Larry Capoli - Guitar

And here's the poop all in one place:
The Romance Commandos
Friday, August 17th
8:30pm to 11-ish
Back Room at The Goldhawk
936 Park Ave (corner of 10th Street)
Hoboken, NJ
no cover
Hope you can make it,

Tom Vincent has been doing one thing or another on stage for about 30 years that he is aware of. His band, The Romance Commandos, is a loose association of musicians with an even looser approach to performing. The result has been occasionally delighting and mystifying dozens of fans in the intimate back room at the Goldhawk Lounge in Hoboken for the past couple of years.

(Image sources: No Fire Cuts City Coalition (FDNY), Bianca Bob Bbob Films, Portrait of Tom Vincent by Annalee Van Kleeck