Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Best and Worst Within One Fragrance Line

My apologies go out in advance to anyone who likes this scent I'm about to disrespect. I realize the love of scent is like our taste in foods--it's subjective and we're all allowed to not like something. I won't be offended if you don't like some of my faves. Has anyone ever found a true love and a truly awful nightmare of a scent within one fragrance line? This is the story of me and Serge Lutens. I love Vetiver Oriental and Fumerie Turque but I don't think Miel de Bois (wood honey) will ever be an acquired taste for me.

I have never thrown away a sample but when this one came as an extra with my package of a full bottle of another Serge Lutens perfume, I couldn't believe how foul the box smelled when I opened it. The stench seeped through the little baggie it was in and permeated everything inside the box. I have quaratined samples I didn't like in separate plastic bags to send off to perfumistas who wanted them, but this time, I couldn't stand to have it in the house at all. All I can say is, there is no perfume I've ever smelled--not the Tom Ford scents, not Knowing, Jacinthe des Bois, Bluebell nor L'Air du Temps--nothing that ever smelled this foul to me. It goes beyond my usual description of scents I dislike as being like a "public telephone receiver". It's like the smell of a body that has not been washed for weeks, maybe months or years--not that I ever want to joke about such a thing because that is cruel--but I'm not joking and surely this has to be my ultimate nightmare perfume.