Sunday, September 16, 2007

Parfums des Beaux Arts--Celadon: A Velvet Green

If Vetiver Oriental is a passion of yours like it is mine, and you'd like something a little lighter, this is the ultimate choice. Colorado-based independent perfumer / certified aromatherapist Dawn Spencer Hurwitz has created a stunning perfume this year called Celadon: A Velvet Green, part of her color series in the Limited Editions Parfums des Beaux Arts line. It's soft, sweet, lush and warm, like the promise of a new spring morning. I find it very easy to wear and versatile for all seasons and occasions. It's also comforting, slightly vanillic-powdery with just a touch of sophistication--earthy green but clear, cool and collected, like the color that inspired the scent. Visit

Parfums des Beaux Arts Celadon: A Velvet Green (2007)
Budding. Plush. Tender.

Top notes: Clover Leaf, Cucumber, Lime Peel
Middle notes: Green Grass, Liatrix, Orris, Orris Root
Base notes: Balsam Fir, Hay absolute, Narcissus Absolute, Tonka Bean, Violet Leaf Absolute

(Image: “Spring Veil” by Helen Frankenthale, the painting that inspired Dawn in creating Celadon: A Velvet Green,