Monday, September 24, 2007

Sali Oguri Persephone Perfume Review By Marian Bendeth

Sali Oguri--Persephone

"Upon first sniff I envision myself seated at a sumptuous patisserie, table for one.

"The waiter wheels in a dessert cart. Upon first sniff, I envision a massive magnolia blossom, it's fantail petals emanating warm sweet notes. Playful whiffs of hyacinth and Royal Purple flowers peak and rise through the waxy petals.

"Underneath, is a cauldron of sumptuous notes. Creme de Cassis, and pomegranate caramelize melted dark chocolate which is caped in a thin veil of sandalwood and amber. The base is almost honeycombed, revealing the gourmand notes that flame and envelop the initial white sweetness." --Marian Bendeth, Global Fragrance Expert, Sixth Scents

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