Monday, September 03, 2007

Sisley Eau du Soir

I'm braving the rose and wearing Eau du Soir, a dry, bold Floral Chypre that smells so decadently perfumy, I think it's best reserved for someplace where they serve alcoholic drinks in stemmy glasses with monogrammed napkins but not actual food, since the perfuminess seems to clash with any delicious smells in the air. It's a powerful, unsweet scent that's not powdery soft but edgy, yet traditional and familiar. It cuts through anything it's so strong, but it creates a gorgeous, sophisticated aura of good breeding and exquisite taste.

At worst, I'd say this perfume smells like a ladies' leather handbag (think Fendi, Halston, Diva, Agent Provocateur only green--like YSL Y on white musk); at best, it's a sublimely refined classical composition that can make me feel like a million bucks. If you look at the bottle with the sculptural cap with 24-carat gold overlay, you'll see it's marketed to those who want to personify liquid gold. I couldn't possibly always want to smell this serious, but if I ever had to work a powersuit (and I was the boss) or attend a formal gala wearing a sumptuous gown, I might choose it before anything else. A perfume this in-your-face can be a real confidence-booster--and confidence is both empowering and downright sexy. A little goes a long way with this scent.