Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Skinny Jeans

Dear Elle magazine,

I'm not saying everyone should look like a twig and fit into these, but I don't appreciate the stereotype that anyone who wears these must be "still bemoaning the closing of CBGB (which I am, thank you very much, and I am sad Hilly Kristal has passed on--not that you care) or under the age of 15". First of all, CBGB was never about fashion. Secondly, I like sweet scents and skinny jeans, and I'm running out to get a pair right now just for the fun of ignoring you.

Furthermore, I think most of this fall's fashion is ugly. Classicism is back and so are gaudy bags and jewelry. '40s/'60s fashion = conservative '50s included. It's the stuff that drove Edie mad. Twigs are out but busty cleavages and tightened waistlines are in--how feminist is that? High-waisted jeans make behinds look even bigger, making the hourglass figure the next coveted body type. Didn't Rita Hayworth pull out some ribs to get that look?

I understand most women can't wear skinnies. So, go rock the wide legs and high waists and leave the skinnies to those of us who can still wear clothes for 15-year-olds and not look stupid. Please stop with the one-or-the-other competitive crap. There are many body types and all women are beautiful.

White-eyed and Disillusioned,