Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Vétiver Oriental

Oh dear, I'm smitten again, and it had to be another Paris exclusive Serge Lutens. I could just go for the small size available for a limited time at Aedes and Beautyhabit, but I want the bell jar so badly, which is terrible because I just got Fumerie Turque. Can't a woman have two Serge Lutens babies, though? Can't she love them equally? Vetiver Oriental is the cooler, calmer scent--at first aloof, intellectual, earthy and green, but with a gentle gourmand kick adding a deeper, warmer, more mysterious, sultry dimension.

I see chocolate listed as a note, but I don't think it smells like chocolate at all. It's more woody and vanillic to me--an Oriental with a natural, thick forest-type of fresh, green sensation. It has oomph yet it's subtle; yeah, I like that it's neither here nor there but everywhere--a minx of a blend. I love that it can't be pinned down to a definitive archetype but that it stands on its own as a unique and stellar vetiver composition. If Fumerie Turque is the scent I turn to when I'm feeling intense, Vetiver Oriental is the scent for my slightly detached, sophisticated mood.

Top: Sap notes, Padilla iris, undergrowth notes
Heart: Vetiver root, gaiac wood, woody-accord, chocolate
Base: Musk, ambered mosses, sandalwood, rockrose labdanum

(Image: www.radio-canada.ca)