Sunday, October 21, 2007

Azzura By Azzaro

I remember when Azzura launched because it was shortly after Clinique Happy had come out. Azzura was lightly floral and orangey like Happy, but also a bit musky warm, bright but laid back, with a subtle earthiness about it (maybe I was being influenced by the ad). Anyway, I'd bought a mini and never finished it, but every now and then, after wearing heavy scents for many days at a time, I still crave a clean, transparent scent like this one, to clean the palette so-to-speak. I love Azzura for almost all of the same reasons why I once loved Happy: it's an optimistic and energizing scent but also relaxing because it's just a simple, spa-clean aroma. I hadn't been in the mood for anything orangey in a while, but I find myself resonating to it lately.