Sunday, October 07, 2007

Gig Date Approaching

I'm getting myself ready for my gig on Sat., Nov. 3 at R Bar on Bowery, NYC and getting through these unusually warm October days wearing Amoureuse and Carnal Flower. I love them both so much right now, and I know I'll eventually have to own more than samples and decants of both. Meanwhile, I'm incredibly grateful for what I've got. I've also been toying around with layering experiments which I generally don't get into but now and then, it's fun. I thought Hermes Rouge and Lavanila Pure Vanilla was a pretty inspired combination (kind of reminded me of Chamade) until I detected too much white musk in the Lavanila--not sure what to make of that since it shouldn't have any white musk in it, right? I tested them both separately and got the musky note from the Lavanila alone, so go figure. My wonderful online pals totally hooked me up (!!) and I've got more exquisite samples that take my breath away and whisk me off on journeys to the ends of the Earth while I shut out much of the real world trying to find peace of mind as the day approaches. I'm very grateful to everyone who's given of their precious time to care about me, all in their different ways.

Aside from that, I'm interested these days in finding out my Myers Briggs type (I often come up INTJ which I can relate to but I sometimes FEEL like ESFP). (Edited to add: I wrote more on the topic of Myers-Briggs here). I'm happily wearing Amoureuse tonight and it might take me all the way to the gig date. The Fred Kimmel Show is at 7pm and Sali Oguri Female-Fronted Rocktronica Show at 8pm--any radio promotions, website, blog or word-of-mouth promo through friends would be greatly appreciated. Why couldn't the world be smaller so we could all meet in NY? I hope to meet some new faces and look forward to seeing familiar ones!

(Image: R Bar interior,