Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Guerlain My Insolence

Today, I tested Guerlain My Insolence from a peel-off sample and all I could think is, "They've finally sent Insolence off to electroshock therapy like they did in the 1940s and 1950s, so she could fit in with her peers, Very Irresistible, Miss Dior Cherie and all the rest of her parents' friends' children." It has no audacity left in it whatsoever and I have to wonder about the name, with the word "My" in that Dior-like dainty script font--all in that retro New Look way. The insolence of My Insolence is like the loudest voice one can muster being a barely audible yelp. It's well-mannered in a youthful, upscale mall scent way. On me it dries down caramelly-rich and flowery sweet, a bit fussy and thick, and not as au naturel a skin scent as the model in the ad might imply.

I really liked the opening notes. Whereas the original Insolence was a punchy violet, the tamed one is a soft, vanillic, fruity-floral blend (I'm getting rose), a sweet, pretty scent that somehow reminds me of my own Pink Manhattan (my version of pink and pop)...that is, until the patchouli shows up mingling with almond and it smells almost spot-on like Cacharel Gloria. I'll have to properly test this again from a bottle, but to me, it's so close to Gloria that my Gloria mini is gonna keep me happy when I feel like a soft and powdery, patchouli-based, vanillic-marzipan sweet fruity floral. Given the choice, I prefer Gloria.

It's worth a sniff so do give it a try. Just remember to give Gloria a spin on the ole pink cadillac, too.