Friday, October 19, 2007


My love of tuberose translates into my love of gardenia because very often, gardenia is recreated with tuberose. One of my tried-and-true favorites in the gardenia family is the cult classic of celebrity fame, an indie creation called Monyette perfume oil. I must admit I was inspired and influenced by this passionate potion when I first decided to create my own gardenia-based peach-vanilla perfume named Pink Manhattan (the same name as my CD). How would I describe Monyette? It's a sweet, creamy gardenia (tuberose) with some lily-like green top notes on a unique base of nag champa for a soft and incensey dry down. The overall effect is like a beach scent in the South Pacific, an Asiatic type of vibe more than a Caribbean one. Still, the beach is the beach and Monyette is my mind vacation when the skies are grey and the rain keeps pouring.

The body lotion is also very nice if you prefer the scent in a slightly less concentrated formula.

(Image: Monyette Paris pure perfume oil,