Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nina by Nina Ricci (new)

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I know I'm falling madly in love with many perfumes a mile a minute now, but I think I've found another holy grail in the new Nina by Nina Ricci (by "new", I mean it's different from the original Nina, a classic from the '80s). This is a delicate apple blend with underlying sweet Gourmand elements, making it a fresh and airy candied apple-type of aroma. At first application, it goes on very candy-sweet, like a fruity Escada scent or literally like fruit punch. It quickly mellows into the most delightfully clean fruity floral accord with a pale cotton candy-ish toffee-patchouli base (actually, I don't get any patchouli from it at all, even though it's listed). As it dries down, it takes on a somewhat ozonic-musky vibe. Right now, I'm also getting a good deal of lilac or lily-like floralcy in the latter stages, a departure from its sugary beginnings.

(Edited to add) After a few hours, I find it a bit musky in a "clean" accord type of way, but it's not overwhelmingly so. To clarify, it has a candylike clean accord like Miss Dior Cherie but cleaner, not so Chypre, and to me, better balanced. I thought it would be too musky for me but I'm so glad I got it and I'll enjoy it this Fall. In fact, Nina has become my holy grail fresh Fruity Floral this year, and I may upgrade to a bigger bottle. I love this perfume so much, it's become my signature everyday scent, which is really something considering I've gone through hundreds of others to finally discover this one. It gets load of compliments from everyone everywhere I go.

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