Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Parfums DelRae Amoureuse

When I first tried this fragrance back when it launched, I honestly thought it bordered on smelling foul. Both this and Bois de Paradis, another fragrance in the same line, smelled musty, syrupy and animalic to me. Maybe my nose or chemistry is changing but I've come to appreciate Amoureuse much more. In fact, today, I find it so lovely on my skin, I'm contemplating getting a bottle before the holidays. How would I describe this scent? Imagine a somewhat naughty scent, like underwear with a hint of rose potpourri, that latrine honey smell intertwined with linden blossoms (green and flowery, powdery) and spicy woods, not unlike Vivienne Westwood Boudoir but less aggressive, with fresh and tart (limey or like tangerines) layers, a nice balance like cool icing on spice cake (carrot cake?). The tuberose and indolic jasmine get sweeter over time and the whole experience gets a bit pungent, dusty and sticky smelling, like you've been frolicking in Pooh's garden. It smells like summer love, a nostalgic dream.

I think I'm dreading the coming of cold weather here in NY!

Parfums DelRae - Amoureuse (2002)
Notes on Beautyhabit.com:
A sublime and femininely romantic floral scent, inspired by the wonderfully seductive and fragrant Victorian Box trees that line so many streets in San Francisco. This is the classic duality of floral and green.

Notes: tangerine, cardamom, tuberose, jasmine, cedar moss and honey.

(There's no mention of pittosporum but that's what I smell.)

(Image: www.shopping-premiereavenue.com)