Friday, October 19, 2007

Santa Maria Novella Tuberosa

These days, I wonder which I could love more: the tuberose or the jasmine flower. I can't choose, but I happen to love tuberose, and Santa Maria Novella's soliflore cologne is probably my favorite tuberose alongside Frederic Malle Carnal Flower. I've been wearing Santa Maria Novella Tuberosa for quite a few years now, since 2002 or so, and it always smells delicious enough in the bottle just to sniff for aromatherapeutic benefits. I also love to smell this on my skin but in small amounts or it could become overwhelmingly strong. This tuberose is lush, creamy, buttery and heady, a bit green and waxy, like a living flower scent. It is no wallflower and demands attention, but it's also less punchy-sharp and candyish than many other tuberoses. Being soft and warm, it's to me almost like an animalic jasmine scent. I can imagine tuberose is hard to wear for many people, as it is one of the heaviest florals you'll ever come across, but for me, it's the stuff reserved for queens and goddesses--strong and demanding, sweet and intoxicating. Every now and then, I tell myself I'm all that and waft with confidence like an in-your-face diva ought to.

It's 2 weeks till the gig and I'm rehearsing a new song, an emotional ballad-type rock tune I might unveil.