Thursday, October 18, 2007

Usher She

Usher (Firmenich) has launched a couple of fragrances this year, one of which is for her. I've only briefly tested it in passing while browsing Macy's with a friend, but I think I like this a lot. Yes, it's a mainstream celebrity perfume that isn't completely unique, but as far as the ever-popular Fruity Florals go, it's not too plain and ordinary. I think it smells good enough to want to try again--the mark of a successful scent. I remember it smelling sweet, sensual, fresh with some warmth, substantial (with a bit of complexity or density) yet soft, with some incensey-powdery Oriental elements in the base. I'm deliriously happy to have not smelled patchouli or overwhelming white musk in it. It probably will have wide appeal among those who like the Fruity Floral genre.

The initial spritz quickly settled down to a nice texture: semi-powdery but dry, still sweet but not more than when it started, not too cloyingly heavy (for me, anyway) and not overly sporty fresh or detergentlike. Some online reviews have said it smelled musty and musky but I thought it smelled more clean (but not insipid) than like a dirty musk. Then again, it might be significantly more floral than some people had anticipated it to be. I'd say it smelled a bit on the romantic side, which often translates to being old-fashioned. There's nothing wrong with that, though, if you want your perfume to exude a little class and not smell like a simple fruity body spray. I'll have to test it again so I'll report back after my sample arrives.

(Edited to add) Well, I've had the chance to sample it again at Macy's and yes, it's very musky! I didn't notice it before, but tonight after I spritzed my hand more liberally with the tester, the musk kept getting stronger as the night wore on. It reminds me of being at an oil shop--I'd say it's a little bit headshoppy. (Edited to add again) My sample vial is here. The musk now reminds me of Etat Libre d'Orange Divin'enfant. Is it ambrette I smell? I can see how the musk can be too much because it's a deep, pervasive note and it carries. I still think it's one of the nicer new launches, so do give it a try.

Usher (2007)

...has top notes of red currant, pink freesia and apple blossom; a heart of frangipani, apricot nectar, blooming jasmine and passion rose, and a drydown of amber wood, sensual musk, cashmere wood, vanilla orchid and incense.