Tuesday, November 20, 2007


When I think of a "bombshell" perfume, Boucheron comes to mind. I love this dramatic fragrance for evening, or for those days when I just want a little more fabulousity. Boucheron is no wallflower--it is a huge '80s production, using some of the finest ingredients and it shows. There are so few potent white florals with heavy ambery-woody, incensey bases I find airy enough to want to wear, but Boucheron fits the bill. I know not many people can handle wearing such an intense, sweet Floral Oriental perfume, but I've loved this since I discovered it way back when all I could afford with my allowance was a miniature EDT in that little ring-shaped bottle with a cabochon "sapphire" cap. What I smell is a dazzling, well-rounded composition in which no single note takes center stage, and yet I can pick out the orange blossom, amber, vanilla and sandalwood very well. I can imagine there are many more notes in it than the list of notes can cover. I detect some spice in the sillage, and it's ever-so-slightly animalic.

Boucheron is a perfume that dazzles when you're in motion. Like its not-so-distant relative Caron Narcisse Noir, people will notice it, and wonder where the scent is wafting from. You might consider it loud for that reason, and there's no denying it's on the sweet and heavy side. Being well-constructed, it also happens to be effusive and carries well in a room. Do you think it takes a certain extroverted personality to carry such a scent off, or perhaps it's just one of those fragrances that can too easily be overdone? I think one spritz goes a very long way, and the eau de toilette (EDT) is strong enough for me, although the parfum is absolutely exquisite and the real way to go. As the weather (finally) turns colder here in NY, I find myself wanting to reach back to old favorites that have some voluptuous oomph as well as refined softness to wrap around me like a cashmere cardigan, but ultimately give me bombshell appeal like a pair of satin gloves or a decadent floor-length stole. Boucheron is a beautiful, multifaceted olfactive jewel for those who aren't afraid of its power but can use it judiciously for the right effect. Happy Holidays and Party On!

Notes on Perfumania.com:
Boucheron For Women (1988)
Top Notes: Sicilain tangerine, Calabrian bitter orange, apricot, Persian galbanum, African tagetes, Spanish basilica
Heart Notes: Moroccan orange blossom, Grasse tuberose, Madagascar ylang-ylang, Moroccan jasmine, Auvergne narcissus, British broom
Base Notes: Mysore sandalwood, amber, Indian Ocean vanilla, South American tonka bean.