Friday, November 23, 2007

DJ Blue's UK Euro Show Goes On Air Tonight!

My apologies if anyone tried tuning into DJ Blue's UK Show on Blue Radio last night. He, like many of us, were on Thanksgiving holiday, and the show was postponed till tonight. Tune in in just a few hours and you'll hear all the best Rock / Alt. Rock indie tunes from Fred Kimmel, Strange A and a whole bunch of cool folks--and yes, if DJ Blue would be so kind, he might play one of my tracks as well. Click on the banner below for DJ Blue's UK Euro Show, 10pm-1am in London, 5pm-8pm in NYC. Tune in every Thursday except tonight, a special Friday night show--don't miss it! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I hope everyone's having an awesome weekend. I'm chillin', doodlin', being grateful for the real men in my life who cook, still lovin' my bottle of Nina which is down to a few spritzes left, and most of all, looking forward to catching up with more family, new and old friends and all you loyal fans out there. Many thanks!!

(Image: Sali Oguri's trackball art,