Thursday, November 08, 2007


I have an account on Facebook where I keep in touch with brilliant and wonderful friends, some of whom I know well, some whom I've met but I'm still getting to know, and some whom I have been corresponding with online, mostly within the music, media and perfume world. I started a thread on the topic of Myers-Briggs using the "My Questions" application, and many of these friends took the time to answer what personality type they are. It's very fulfilling for me to have this connection with my friends, to hopefully get to know them better through Myers-Briggs. If you'd like to join in on the thread, please add me as a friend on Facebook and jump in! I'd love to hear from you.

I've tested myself online many times, and although I'd come up as several different types in the past (INTJ, INTP, INFJ), today I believe I've found my true type, INFJ or "the Mystic" (I took the short test here). One of my friends explained in length what all of the functions mean, and the more the system made sense to me, the more I felt I knew where on the spectrum I might fit in. Of course, this is in no way an exact science nor should it be a way to pigeonhole anyone, since everyone has all of the functions (thinking, feeling, sensing, intuiting, etc) within. I think the types just help us understand where we might be at in life so-to-speak, in terms of the tasks at a given time and also what our preferences might be in how we deal with people. No two people of the same type are exactly or sometimes remotely alike. We're all still individuals. I wrote to my friend today that I take it like psychology-meets-I Ching, or a reading of personality based on archetypes by using simplified dichotomies. If anything, I place more value on the system than many other types of "readings" of our personality (not our character--I think character has to do with something deeper than personality or preferences), but my faith is still in actual people.

So here I am, after identifying with being INTJ, feeling pretty content in identifying with being INFJ, a type inclined towards the arts such as poetry and music, having a genuine interest in people (though perhaps from a global point of view) and being able to grasp the big picture. It's not too different from being an INTJ as far as the grasp of the big picture is concerned, but I think the F (extroverted feeling) function says I'm currently more attuned to creating harmony--in relationships and in my private life in general--more than being focused purely on competence and excellence. Maybe I'm becoming less disciplined, or I'm relaxing a bit more now that the show is done and I'm loving the idea of cocooning myself in the studio to write and record and staying close to loved ones. Whatever the reason, I'm feeling good about the new assessment, wondering where to steer my life next.

One of my friends feels I'm an INTP, so there's still room for more analyses of where I might be on the spectrum. Please feel free to share your opinion, and if you think I come across as another type, I'm open to your thoughts.