Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Nina Ricci Nina 2006 - Le Nouveau Parfum Magique

There are different types of bottles and packaging designs for this beautiful eau de toilette scent described as "le nouveau parfum magique", or "the new magical perfume". I did some research online to see if I could find out why some 1 fl oz. (30 ml) bottles come with a silver chain with leaves while others did not. I still don't know why, but I found some 1 fl. oz. Nina being sold on a Japanese site and read that the additional leaves on those special 30 ml bottles are "magical leaves". That could either be the shop's own interpretation or Nina Ricci's way of getting people to buy more than one bottle to try to get the "special" one--who knows? The lucky charms aspect could go over well in Japan, based on the way YSL Baby Doll gift sets with miniature bottles were popularized as symbolic gifts for brides who are planning to start a family.

Anyway, I'd love to get one of those special 1 ounce bottles, but I think I'm going to get a big 2.7 fl. oz. with the pretty silver cap next, since I'm already half way finished with the plastic-capped 1 ounce I just bought a little while ago. Part of it is that I've been wearing it every day, and the other is that the concentration is so light, I'm spritzing myself with it constantly. I'm surprised this isn't called a cologne spray. I wish Nina Ricci would produce Nina as parfum, or at least EDP (eau de parfum) strength. I also got some advice online to try layering the EDT with the matching body lotion, although the idea of putting more stuff on my body doesn't appeal to me. I'd rather have a potent juice that packs some sillage, so I could use less product on my skin for better results. Still, I love Nina enough to invest in every formula there is out there to get. I'm a true fan.

All in all, this is the nicest, freshest, most upbeat and refined, urbane, polite, pleasantly sweet and *clean* Fruity Floral-Gourmand I've ever smelled (Firmenich perfumers Oliver Cresp and Jacques Cavallier made this modern masterpiece). It's easy to wear for all occasions and settings from the office to you-name-it--Nina has real versatility and a gentle lightness of being without sacrificing sweet Oriental elements in the basenotes (but subtly done), which make it my dream of a daily signature scent. The clean linen musk is still slightly annoying but I'm living with it. Now, I can smell more patchouli in it, but it's so well-balanced in this composition that it doesn't take over.

Notes on Imagination Perfumery:

Nina by Nina Ricci (2006)

Nina is a Fresh, Floral, Fruity Fragrance.

Notes: Lime Caipirinha, Calabrese Lemon, Red Toffee Apple, Moonflower, Peony petals, White Cedar, Apple tree wood, Cotton musk

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