Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sali's Take On Celebrity Perfumes

From high end to low end, here are some of my brief thoughts on the following celebrity perfumes not yet covered on Pink Manhattan:

L (L.A.M.B.) by Gwen Stefani--I was surprised it smelled so much like Antonia's Flowers Floret, a sweet and innocent, girly peachy-peary white floral fit for weddings and summer picnics, but then again, Gwen is "just a girl". Also, Floret was associated with Eve as being the perfume she never leaves home without, and the two recording artists often work together. Maybe the scent of Floret unites them in the public eye all the more. Compared to Floret, L is slightly powdery and incensey, like the peach you'll find in Dolce & Gabbana The One. It smells OK, but there are other peachy florals I'd rather wear.

J Lo Still--The celebrity fragrance pop queen needs no introduction; Jennifer Lopez's first perfume by Coty, Glow, had broken numerous records in sales, and her subsequent fragrances (many which are, and smell like, variations of Glow, a musky floral based on China Rain, her favorite) have also sold well across the globe. Although I think Glow and the variations are made well (J Lo is Coty's Prestige line), this type of soapy, lily-like musk is not my cuppa, so my favorite perfume that bears her name is Still ("I'm still Jenny from the block"), a romantic rose floral for the Latin beauty.

Cumming by Alan Cumming--The Broadway actor's commercial video for the scent was funny and endearing, but the scent which I tested at Sephora awhile ago smelled awful to me, like a garage: exhaust fumes, rubber and other synthetic, unpleasant notes. It was extremely bold and strong to boot. I think this is the perfume industry's version of Mozart's A Musical Joke. Then again, there are fans of this scent out there, so to each his/her own. One thing's for sure: it's very unique! However, I could not spritz this on my skin.

Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker--The ad is cute but tell me this doesn't smell like the "Money" scent you can get at fragrance oil shops. It has that neon green color and smells like lemon lime cleanser. Let's see...covet: "I just had to have it", as in, greed? Is this how we want to present the Jewish beauty or her association with New York? Her first scent was a lovely, albeit slightly boring, well-mannered Egyptian musk floral-lavender, like a less obviously come-hither Narciso Rodriguez or an upscale Skin Musk (an SJP fave). Covet by contrast is a sharp, aggressive green synthetic smell. I didn't get the chocolate note, but the sharpness briefly reminded me of Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao.

That's So Raven--Disney Channel's talented actor-singer, teen star Raven Symoné from her own TV series, "That's So Raven", has a fragrance marketed to young people that's a great bargain for what you get: a hypersweet vanillic-musky scent comparable to the popular niche French Gourmand line, Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Vanille Tiare--no kidding! Granted it's not my holy grail vanilla but it's very wearable and has a nice touch of berry note, giving it an extra girlish edge. If you're a Gourmand lover of any age, you need to check it out. I hate age-casting because it weeds out possibilities of things that work in the long run.

Stunning by Jordan--You're not going to hear me say this too often but G-d Bless America only because we do not have to put up with the page 3 naked girl photo in our daily newspapers. Screw that; I'll have to live without the paper! Anyway, Jordan isn't known here, so most of us won't smell this mass appeal, or drugstore, UK best-seller, but I recently tested this and what a shocker: I kid you not, it smells identical to Miss Dior Cherie! You've got to smell these strawberry florals side by side! They both resemble Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne and have patchouli bases.

Naomi Campbell--Naomi's first fragrance (1999) is a sweet, powdery, creamy and somewhat spicy concoction with fig, woods and to my nose, vanilla. I just remember reading the word "exotic" in the description and thinking, you know, that there just aren't enough stereotypes in the perfume business. This is a nice scent, by the way, and if you're not into very flowery scents, this one is more of a skin scent Woody Oriental, and if I recall, it's slightly green due to the fig (leaves). Her favorites are notoriously green and classic: Christian Dior Diorissimo and Creed Green Irish Tweed.

Christina Aguilera--I don't have much more to say about the new Christina Aguilera scent aside from my tangent in the Kate Moss review (link below) because it smelled a bit tinny to me, like Victoria's Secret Supermodel. I still think it's compositionally very similar to Red Door Revealed, a creamy Fruity Floral Woody Oriental which you can now get at discount stores for a song.

Sean John Unforgivable--I despise the ad because in it, he looks too forceful upon the woman, so I'm not moved to buy, but I tried this at Sephora (and I completely blame my perfume addiction), and it smelled like Usher She. It shares the headshoppy muskiness with a cool, aqueous fruity top note lingering through. Were these made by the same company, I wonder? Are they supposed to be the African Musks of the celeb scent genre?

So, that's all for now, but I'll write again when I try some more of these celeb perfumes which are sure to come my way again soon. How about one for Madonna already, or Oprah, or Michael Moore? Do you think they'll challenge themselves by designing one for Devon Aoki sometime?

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