Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bbob Films Presents: The Bob Log

(If the video doesn't load, see it here.)

The Bob Log: My Favorite Things

Director's Notes:

"My homage to the bizarre TV Yule Log tradition...The original Yule Log ran every Christmas when I was a kid. It was many hours of this hypnotic shot of log burning in a fireplace, with cheesy holiday background music. If you watched closely you could see where they looped the fire footage because the same log bump would ploop! reappear!

"I spent waaaay too many hours watching this surreally fake TV fireplace. And I always wanted to make my own Yule Log with more surreal stuff going on. So I made the Bob Log when they replaced Yule Log with the Ab Master infomercial.

"My original Bob Log was about 20 minutes. And it makes no linear sense, but it's fun to zone out to. This excerpt is called My Favorite Things."
-Bianca Bob