Friday, December 28, 2007


I love that The Village Voice voted America's oldest chemists and perfumers, Caswell-Massey, one of the Best of NYC 2007 (Check out the review: Best Place To Savor The Sweet Smell Of American Capitalism - Caswell-Massey) but I'm sad I can't find White Rose anywhere. Are you looking for this discontinued fragrance, too? We may go neck-and-neck for it on eBay one day.

If Caswell-Massey Damask Rose is an indication, White Rose is probably a very pretty, simple and powdery rose soliflore. I was surprised to like Damask Rose so much because many rose scents have seemed too strong for me. This Damask Rose is delicate and not too sweet. My mother is an avid rose grower, and when she'd asked if there was a Damask scent, I searched the world over and found this one most wearable. For comparison, this is a light, powdery rose in the vein of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica.

I was able to locate a sample of Purple Sage which was brought back from the past for a limited time to celebrate their 250th anniversary. This is a very nice, classic fragrance, and I like it although it reminds me too much of Guerlain Mitsouko to want to wear more than once. I think of it as Mitsouko made very light, mixing in aromatic herbaceous notes to give it a clean, cologne-type wearability. The purple sage motif is a tribute to the American Southwest.

I'm very intrigued by this line right now, so more reviews are coming soon. I hope you will stay tuned in 2008!