Friday, December 14, 2007

The Glamorous Bee Reviews Sali Oguri Persephone Perfume

My friend Bernadette Pasley is a glamourbee who catches the latest buzz and spreads a little love wherever she stops; then, like the New Yorker she is, she "buzzes off" to explore neverending new discoveries. She once came to my gig at a sports bar in Midtown Manhattan and was kind enough to write a rave review of the show. Since then, I've been a fan of her eclectic blogging on topics ranging from fashion to baseball. She also happens to be a perfumista who's written spot-on fragrance reviews for her stylish blog focused on all things glam, The Glamorous Bee. She can always find those simple and extravagant luxuries that add essential glam factor to our lives. Please visit her blog by clicking here and read the latest review of Sali Oguri Persephone by Bernadette.

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