Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sali Speaks About Persephone Perfume

Unreleased Mix a.k.a. Persephone - 2007 Oriental-Fruity Floral Ambery Woody Fresh

Persephone is a departure from joyous Pink Manhattan's peach-vanilla candied sweetness, but for me, this is a new stage of life and Persephone is a welcome change towards something wildly passionate at heart yet restrained and disciplined, an homage to tradition while still maintaining that its rebellious, modern character is reflected in its outcome. If Pink Manhattan was a bright, energetic smile like summer in the city, Persephone is the brooding soul of a dreamer caught between two worlds (winter and spring), calling out for a different way of being, of existing, of experiencing life--this feeling of unrest and incongruence channelled as a source of energy and excitement is the start point where new things can be made possible--the best of both worlds as one, and the whole story told within a warm and comforting, sensual, sweet "skin scent" was my goal.

Persephone is my second labor of olfactive love and it's the scent of my deep passion. I don't want to give it all away but I'll tell you that it starts with a deceivingly cool floralcy fit for an ice queen which gives way to its polar opposite: earthy, rich ambery sandalwood sustaining the dark and devilish dark chocolate and berry notes for the goddess of the underworld. Her perfume had to be both earthy and ethereal, so the notes are as far apart as can be, yet they work together in harmonious contrary motion against a surprisingly beautiful backdrop of understated spring flowers and greenery. All in all, I believe I've got an alluring, easy-to-wear scent that has oomph but doesn't cloy or feel too heavy, and it has vintage charm yet it's totally modern. In truth, I just wanted an elegant chocolate-berry scent and I had to make one that didn't exist for me before.

I believe I've achieved the perfect level of sweetness with my Persephone. If I'm to compare it to the sweetness of Pink Manhattan, Persephone is also sweet but at the darker and lower-pitched spectrum, a greener type of Gourmand (although it still has enough dark chocolatey sugariness as well as blackberry for me) with plush, soft, velvety sandalwood as its glorious piece de resistance base. Mysore sandalwood has a rich, balsamic smoothness which makes any blend more velvety. It's potent, pure parfum oil, and it gets heavier upon wear so a little goes a long way (one-two drop(s) is usually all I wear). I like that this blend has a powdery and musky base without using powdery musk and only using Mysore sandalwood, amber, chocolate and pomegranate to give it its close-to-the-skin "skin scent" character.

I'm always fascinated by the notion of Floral Orientals being associated with emotional security for the wearer. I've read time and time again on leading perfume websites that women who crave emotional security choose this family of scents and stay loyal to it. I've also read this to be true for the Oriental fragrance family in general, but often, Floral Orientals are isolated as being the choice of the unstable female! I wonder about that, really. Is it because the Floral Oriental is perceived as being the most hedonistic of all, being lush from all angles and levels? Is it because as a genre it's looked at as being undisciplined in not being one or the other (Floral or Oriental), or like it's stuck in perfume pergatory--it can't let go of the frilly Floral nature and just be an unadulterated, heavy Oriental, so it "plays both sides" from the middle, being neither here nor there? Is it the epitome of "too much" because it just wouldn't grow up and choose its role and wants forever to have it all? If so, I hope I've captured this hedonism well, and I hope people will in fact feel a little more secure in being wrapped in this warm cloud of soft yet intense, unabashed yet controlled piece of hellishly heavenly bliss.

I tried to temper the berries best I could in this blend but they are allowed to sing out--after all, I think people (like me) want to smell the berries when they look for a berry perfume. I'd say my composition is simultaneously not too "perfumey" and yet not too sugary, a composition built on high quality sandalwood and amber oils as well as refreshing, aromatic flavor high up in the spiritual skies to carry the sillage. Blend it into your skin and let it bloom and go through its many movements, like a piano, depending on the touch of the pianist for its changing inflections, disclosing subtle melodic nuances to a pure-hearted, sensitive listener who's there for the experience. It croons and beckons for you to take it all in and enjoy the ride as it delicately unfolds its dark, wistful, powerfully passionate siren song. It even skips a beat when fresh hyacinths and the sultry berry note waft to and fro like a flirtatious hint of spring, signs of hope.

I hope you will enjoy my newest perfume creation which I have put my all into and am quite happy with. May your emotions find catharsis and release in creative, civilized ways; may you also find every sinful desire in the realm of chocolate satiated and tamed, till all is well with the world and peace is of the essence until the next craving comes. Thank you for your interest and support. The music is coming soon so please stay tuned.

Sali Oguri