Friday, January 25, 2008

Emporio Armani Diamonds

This ad featuring the great diva of our time, Beyoncé, is stunning! The fragrance itself is a slightly soapy, high-pitched baby-powdery, musky scent, very similar to Lise Watier Neiges to me. I'd read once that Beyonce herself is allergic to perfume, and has only mentioned having used baby powder (talc-free nowadays, we hope) to scent her sensitive skin with. If that's true, perhaps the effect of Armani Diamonds is fairly close to that concept. The Scented Salamander has listed the notes and described the perfume on her blog in more detail, with some interesting scent comparisons to objects such as Japanese erasers and rosé wine consumed by the underage. Read it and see if you think you're one of the people whose lifestyle the creators of this scent had in mind. No matter what your verdict on the scent or thoughts on the demographics-based marketing strategy might be, one thing's for sure: we all want Beyoncé to keep on rockin' the Neumann with her vocal prowess for people all over the world to attempt to emulate. You can't touch talent like hers with a ten-foot asbestos-free powder puff.