Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison

Oh, how I love this scent...I find it intoxicating. Rumor had it Christian Dior discontinued this awesome follow-up to the original Poison perfume, but I've been seeing it again at select department stores online, which leads me to believe it's being produced. Well, thank goodness. I loved Poison, and this is the only variation I've loved thus far. Hypnotic Poison is a delicious-smelling fragrance--almondy sweet, smoothly vanillic, with a white floral heart and a unique caraway seed note lending some spice. Some say it's like root beer but not to me (especially since I don't care for the taste of root beer); it's more like milky marzipan or frangipani flowers--soft and caramel-sweet, but a bit daring and mysterious, perfect either for evening or casual days/weekends. I might compare it to Gucci Rush but softer and sweeter, less spicy and richer, like cream. I could also compare it to Comptoir Sud Pacifique Tiare (the original, before they changed their vanilla) or Isabey Gardenia but less floral, more hypersweet Gourmand Oriental. It's the curious counterpoint of creamy and bold that makes Hypnotic Poison so appealing to me. A fragrance can be strong but not scary...this is actually a very round and cuddly warm scent despite the witchy, firey image. I don't know if this bottle is plastic or coated glass, know I have a preference for glass, always.

Notes on Basenotes:

Christian Dior Hypnotic Poison (1998)
Top Notes: Caraway, Bitter Almond
Middle Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Moss
Base Notes: Jacarander Wood, Vanilla, Musk

It comes in EDT only but apparently there was an EDP splash version once upon a time, now discontinued and rare.