Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Cie is a delightful fragrance and I just discovered it, thanks to the online auction site where rare scents can be had for the right price (I got a purse size cologne). I'd seen the ad featuring Candice Bergen before, and wondered about the scent. Numerous perfume lovers with quite a bit of knowledge about different perfumes had raved about Cie on perfume forums saying it's a very well-composed blend. I agree--Cie smells like it could very well be a prestige perfume, even though it's a drugstore quality scent. I'd compare it to Revlon Norell, Charlie or Jontue, but the composition itself isn't so far away from something like Chanel No.19 or closer yet, believe it or not, to Amouage Gold: an Aldehydic Floral with a full white floral heart and mossy, Chypre elements. It's very elegant, understated, yet rich and voluptuous, sweetly golden-honeyed as well as fresh, woodsy and green. It's totally multifaceted, full of sunshine, warm, soft, natural and intelligently blended. I really adore it and wish it hadn't been discontinued. It might be a low-end perfume but I think it's beautiful and in good taste!

According to Timelessperfumes.com: Cie was first introduced in 1976 by Shulton. Jacqueline Cochran developed the fragrance before Shulton purchased her company. Cochran was a famous American aviatrix who set many flight records and whose New York cosmetics company made perfumes for other brands worldwide. Scent: Floral Blend