Thursday, January 31, 2008

Davidoff Cool Water Woman

According to the Davidoff website, Cool Water Woman was "Inspired by Aphrodite...the character and energy of the woman using Cool Water Woman symbolises the ocean – its depths and mysticism are the origin of her eternal femininity and irresistible allure". I had never thought of Cool Water in such a way before, but I'll go with that. To me, it's always been one of the best-smelling Marine scents out there: featherlight, softly floral and fruity with a slightly green, aromatic and refreshing, subtle sweetness. You might think I'm crazy when I say this but I think it's such a lovely scent, leaning on the green spectrum, it could have been inspired by Givenchy III, with a touch of Hermes Amazone thrown in. It's a bit sporty for me for every day, but here's my testimonial that Cool Water Woman is one of my favorite casual scents. I think it's pretty enough to go out at night, too--in fact, the story behind this scent is that I once smelled a beautiful, youthful Fruity Floral scent at a party and wondered what it was, went out looking for such a scent, and finally landed on this one. Could it be worn at the office? Absolutely; I think it's one of those perfectly modern, versatile fragrances. Sunny and full of optimism, it's well worth having to lift my winter spirits up.

Jan Moran's notes:

Cool Water Woman (1996 Floral-Marine)
Top Notes: Citrus, pineapple, honeydew melon, blackcurrant bud
Heart Notes: Water lily, lotus blossom, jasmine, rose, lily of the valley, quince
Base Notes: Sandalwood, peach, amber, orris, mulberry, vetiver

"This soft floral composition is built around aquatic, botanical and ozonic notes."