Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Jessica McClintock

Here is another American classic that's somewhat recognized outside of the USA. When I think of the cleanest floral bouquet that I truly find pretty and wearable, I think of wedding dress designer Jessica McClintock's original fragrance. It's a light but lush, high-pitched Green Floral, one that smells flowery but fresh, like you're well-groomed and fastidious smelling of old-fashioned soaps (in a good way--it's not as astringent as it sounds and it's very contemporary). The word "charming" comes to mind. Compared to the classic Christian Dior Diorissimo which is also worth smelling, I find it less green, rosier, a little sweeter with blackcurrant (cassis) top notes and there are no animalic notes in this that I can pick up. I can't imagine wearing lily of the valley perfumes every day, let alone making any perfume a lifetime signature, but for an occasion that calls for a scent as lovely as this, Jessica McClintock is my subdued and innocent favorite, an unpretentious beauty with a romantic heart.

Jan Moran's notes:
Jessica McClintock (1989 Floral - Green)
Top Notes: Black currant bud, bergamot, basil, ylang-ylang
Heart Notes: Rose, white jasmine, lily of the valley
Base Notes: Musk, woods a blend of citrus notes of lemon, along with basil, white rose, and white jasmine