Friday, January 25, 2008

La Prairie Midnight Rain

I think I like this fragrance but I'm not sure. It's heavy and busy with many notes, making it very rich-smelling yet modern, patchouli-heavy and a bit cloying up close, but the sillage it leaves is pretty. It smells like a mainstream scent, like a night at a club or discoteque. It smells a lot like Britney Spears Fantasy to me, but maybe a bit more floral. It's one of the few obviously patchouli-based scents I can handle, but aside from the soft, somewhat tame Fruity Floral vanillic gourmand angle, it's a bit Angel or Prada-like...which isn't always a bad thing but so many fragrances smell like these now. I like it--the opening is nice with a high-pitched, clean pomegranate note, and it dries down a woody-sweet Oriental. The bottle is literally in the shape of a raindrop which is not chic but cute and kind of funny, and even funnier because it looks like urban rain, with all the pollution and ozone packed inside the giant black raindrop. Well, rain isn't exactly clean, anyway...and sometimes, it has the habit of looking like a tear falling from a heavily mascara-ed eye. It's a scent for the drama queen in me.

(Image: Aromascope)